Originally from The Netherlands, Anna moved to Boston (MA) in 2017 when her husband decided to continue his career in software architecture there. In The Netherlands, she had worked as an Surgery Assistant for 25 years, before going back to school to become a Gynaecology Physician Assistant, which she practiced for another 5 years until she moved to the USA. Unfortunately, the system here did not allow her to continue her practice without going back to school for another few years, so she decided to take a very early retirement focusing on exploring the USA, her hobbies, and supporting her husband.

Anna has always been very creative, from sewing clothes for her three kids to making dolls and much more. In the USA, she initially took up her sewing and knitting passion, but one can only make so many clothes, so she discovered another artistic outlet when she learned the art of felt flower making. Did you know The Netherlands are famous for their flower industry? Flowers are cheaper there than in the USA, but making felt flowers that last almost indefinitely is beneficial for both countries as the massive flower industry is actually a big burden to our world climate. Making felt flowers turned out to be challenging at first (especially when trying to learn from Japanese or Chinese videos!) but gave amazing results right away. Lots of practice eventually led her to founding Felt Flowers by Anna so she can both sell her artistic work as well as teach others how to make felt flowers themselves in an accessible way!

Anna’s other main creative outlet is making music. She plays the recorder and clarinet and sings in the choir of the Lexington Unitarian Church (MA). Furthermore, she loves spending time with her 4 granddaughters, who she is sad to miss most of the year as they live in The Netherlands, and she loves biking and hiking together with her husband. You will often see them exploring the entirety of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and more in the weekends!